About Me

About Me

I’m a father of two wonderful children and a husband of one fabulous wife so my life is pretty awesome, however like so many I am worried about our future. I’ve always held a passion for equality, social responsibility, environmental conservation, and just doing the right thing, but since the kids came along I’m more aware of the future impacts of my decisions today and the precarious situation we find ourselves in, so I want to do more.

I am no perfectionist, just someone who tries their best, and we are just your average family so the aim is to show how a sustainable life can be easy, affordable and fun; if we can do it anyone can.

I’m passionate about living a little greener for a healthy body and planet but I also have a family I want to enjoy time with, work to do, life admin, games to play and so many other things that make life worth living; so Naked Pebble is about my exploration of how you can live healthier and greener; whilst keeping time for all those other things we have going on in our life.  I’m down to earth and enjoy getting stuck in, I hope the blog reflects this too!

I take suggestions! For things you would like covered on the blog, or any queries you would like me or Naked Pebble readers to answer, then do let me know!

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